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Netitor Tips

Periodically, we provide a quick lesson on how to accomplish a particular task in our content-management system, Netitor.

08/25/2017 - Netitor Tip: Adding XML-Generated Career Stats to Bios
08/24/2017 - Netitor Tip: Post a Recap from the Associated Press Wire
05/05/2017 - Netitor Tip: Associating Videos To A Bio
04/26/2017 - Netitor Tip: Associating Photos To Bios Upon Import
02/02/2017 - Netitor Tip: Adding XML Box Score to a Recap
11/22/2016 - Netitor Tip: Adding a Last Meeting Box to a Preview Story
11/03/2016 - Netitor Tip: Add Promotions or Advertisements to an Event
10/17/2016 - Netitor Tip: Creating a Sport Bio Page
10/17/2016 - Netitor Tip: Creating a Staff Bio Page
07/28/2016 - Netitor Tip: Embedding an Instagram Post Into a Page
07/08/2016 - Netitor Tip: Re-Add an Existing Player to a Roster
06/09/2016 - Netitor Tip: Change Default Home Event Location in Schedule
05/27/2016 - Netitor Tip: How to Add A Roster Photo
05/19/2016 - Netitor Tip: How to Create A Photographer
04/28/2016 - Netitor Tip: How to Delete a Bio
03/01/2016 - Netitor Tip: Editing a Non-Sport Specific Bio
01/08/2016 - Netitor Tip: Removing a Player from the Roster
12/18/2015 - Netitor Tip: Rolling Over a Roster
12/11/2015 - Netitor Tip: How to Hide and Unhide Events
12/03/2015 - Netitor Tip: How to Embed Tweets
10/30/2015 - Netitor Tip: How to Embed Photo Galleries
07/29/2015 - Netitor Tip: Light and Dark Mode
06/29/2015 - Netitor Tip: Download Photos in Image Manager
06/24/2015 - Netitor Tip: Adding Photos to a Headline in the BSI
04/22/2015 - Netitor Tip: Create a Chat Room
03/13/2015 - Netitor Tip: Adding Media Coverage to an Event
03/04/2015 - Netitor Tip: Updating the Status of an Event
02/20/2015 - Netitor Tip: How to View Campaign Statistics in Fanbase
02/13/2015 - Netitor Tip: Adding a Video to a Headline Through the BSI
02/06/2015 - Netitor Tip: Adding Related Links to Past Events in a Schedule
01/23/2015 - Netitor Tip: Adding Related Events to a Schedule
01/14/2015 - Netitor Tip: Creating and Updating Sidebar Links
12/23/2014 - Netitor Tip: Add Additional Photos to a Release
12/15/2014 - Netitor Tip: Adding a Tournament Section
11/20/2014 - Netitor Tip: Uploading a PDF
11/13/2014 - Netitor Tip: Associate Photo Gallery to Bios
10/15/2014 - Netitor Tip: Updating a Schedule Title
10/02/2014 - Netitor Tip: Posting a Story to Multiple Sports
08/22/2014 - Netitor Tip: Editing a Page Published in Netitor
08/07/2014 - Netitor Tip: Designating Conference & Exhibition Event Symbols
07/22/2014 - Netitor Tip: Adding a PDF in Static Page Editor
07/03/2014 - Netitor Tip: Adding GameTracker Links to a Schedule
04/22/2014 - Netitor Tip: Add/Edit Existing Page in Static Page Editor
04/04/2014 - Netitor Tip of the Week: Roster Title
01/17/2014 - Netitor Tip: Creating a Photo Gallery
01/03/2014 - Netitor Tip: Last Netitor Actions
12/12/2013 - Netitor Tip: Add New Headline
11/27/2013 - Netitor Tip of the Week: Updating Your Password
11/13/2013 - Netitor Tip of the Week: Associating Photo Galleries to Events
10/23/2013 - Netitor Tip of the Week: Uploading Zip Files of Images
10/10/2013 - Netitor Tip of the Week: PDF Overwrite
10/02/2013 - Netitor Tip of the Week: Updating Roster Year
09/26/2013 - Netitor Tip of the Week: HTML Stats

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