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Welcome to the Third Quarter Campus Report

Nov. 5, 2010

2010 Third Quarter Network Rankings
Traffic: Page Impressions
2.Notre Dame
Traffic: Unique Browsers
3.Notre Dame
Online Store: Revenue
2.Notre Dame
4.Michigan State
5.Florida State
Auctions: Revenue
2.Texas A&M
4.Notre Dame
Replay Photos: Revenue
1.Penn State
2.Florida State
5.Michigan State
All-Access: Subscription Revenue
4.South Carolina
5.Oklahoma State
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Welcome to our first Campus Report of the 2010-11 school year. This report details how we are leveraging the power of to help grow awareness of your brand and generate incremental revenue. In addition, there is information on our new GameTracker Mobile, Super Scoreboard and Front/Sport Page Flash Calendar products, and our All-Access Customer Service platform. We have also included the quarterly network rankings for our various revenue streams and metrics.

Thank you once again for a terrific 2009-10 year and your enthusiastic support throughout this new year.

Power of CBS
Content Syndication
With football season in full swing, our partners have been able to see their own original content appear on the home and football arena pages of, as well as tap into and use content from CBS to enhance their own sites.

The ACC, Big 12, BIG EAST, Big Ten, Pac-10 and SEC previews featured All-Access content from our schools. In addition, featured video and editorial pieces from our partners in the Heisman Hopeful

section of the site. These are all great enhancements to our coverage, but more importantly, provide a great, new platform for you to reach your fans.

Many of our partners have used CBS-produced game preview video clips to supplement their releases this season. Your Managing Editor will continue to pass along any relevant links that may be of interest to you and your fans.

Also with the start of football season, added an automated All-Access program guide at the top of your team page (see example to right). The guide is the first of many future automated elements that will surface and promote appropriate content on on behalf of our partners.

Research: Behavioral Ad Targeting
Our ad operations team is constantly monitoring developments in their field. One change that has caught the team's eye is the use of cookies to track your online habits. By monitoring your internet use, advertisers are able to serve ads for products and information that match your interests. This so-called "behavioral targeting" has many pros and cons for site owners and end-users alike.

This video from The Wall Street Journal explains the process, benefits and potential pitfalls of the new advertising trend. While we have not seen this from any of our current advertisers, it is something we are mindful of and will analyze to determine how it can best help generate revenue for our Network.

Advertising: Pre-Approved Partners

The Ad Sales team can generate significant revenue for you by easily monetizing part of the run of site (ROS) media inventory (banners, skyscrapers and story/layered ads) on your site.

Schools currently participating in this opportunity have granted CBS pre-approval to run any premium brand advertisers that do not conflict with their exclusive sponsors or fall in to such categories as CBS promos, video games, politics, remnants, movies, gambling and liquor/beer.

The goal of this initiative is to leverage more of your general media inventory, and, in turn, replace house ads with paid advertisers. The aforementioned pre-approval enables our Sales team to automatically include more College Network advertising in their larger, non-College Network deals.

Our partners on the pre-approved "list" saw almost 75% more national advertising revenue in Q3 than schools not on the pre-approved list! Please contact your University Relations representative for more information or to grant your pre-approval for these campaigns.

Digital Media Guides

The best digital publishing system on the market. Powerful, versatile, easy to manage, and priced right!

Take advantage of savings up to 60%. College Network special pricing expires December 17th, 2010 so don't wait!

Contact David Nunn with PROforma at 970-626-3395 or

Mobile & Wireless
GameTracker Mobile College Network and Polar Mobile are proud to announce the initial soft launch of free, interactive mobile applications on Android and BlackBerry smartphones. College sports fans across the world can now follow their teams from their BlackBerry and Android smartphones through the CBS GameTracker Mobile application powered by Polar's SMARTTM Sports Platform. We soft launched (available to consumer but without marketing or promotional support) this product so that we can work out any unforeseen "bugs" prior to full consumer consumption.

GameTracker Mobile is powered by College Network's GameTracker, which provides fans the most comprehensive mobile statistical coverage of major sports including football, basketball and baseball from over 180 schools, conferences and collegiate athletic organizations around the country.

GameTracker Mobile is a free application that offers live streaming scores with complete play-by-play details, game statistics, full team rosters and game schedules.

Fans looking to download the applications can find GameTracker Mobile on the web:
BlackBerry App WorldTM
Android Marketplace

Features of GameTracker Mobile:
• Up-to-the minute headlines

• Live scoring for football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball and more
• Box scores, stats, play-by-play, complete rosters
• Share content from GameTracker Mobile via email or Twitter

With instant access to live scores, the latest headlines and featured content, GameTracker Mobile fans will always be up-to-date.

Forward Thinking: Product Development
Take GameTracker a Step Further

Over the summer, we developed new products for you to take advantage of GameTracker and our event system. Audio and video associated with an event will show "GameTracker Lite" on your All-Access home page. New scoreboards and event calendars update games while in progress and use your event information to link together all related event content.

GameTracker is more than just a live stats interface - it is also access into your site's content. We strive to make GameTracker the richest experience possible. We match players to bios in the database to display headshots and link out to their bios on your site. We call-in related event information, so that when you associate recaps/photo galleries/box scores/promotions to an event, those links show up in GameTracker.

We also provide tools for you to take GameTracker (GT) even further:

SEASON STATS - Simply export your season stats as XML from the Stat Crew software, then use Netitor to upload those stats into GT. When done, GT will show season stats for your players, both in-game and in a pre-game comparison section.
COMMENTARY - During games, use Netitor to add commentary or bullets of information. Here you can expand on the statistical information of GT ("Joe Smith just set a school record for rushing yards in a season"), announce weather delays, or promote other features on your site.

STARTERS - For Basketball and Baseball/Softball, use Netitor to enter Probable Starters for each game. This adds to a richer pre-game experience in GT.
PREGAME STORY - Add a pregame story to show in GT before the game begins. This can include links back to your site's content.
BACKGROUND IMAGE - Enhance the look of GT with a custom background image for the "game summary" section.

Contact your Managing Editor to learn more about any of these features.

Monthly Sales Report
We have created an easily accessible report that provides a quick overview of your store's sales performance for a selected month. In the CBS Monthly Sales Report, the following data is provided:

• Total gross & net sales with a breakdown of revenue generated from both direct and e-mail sales
• Total store order cancellations

• Total estimated commission of store revenue for athletics
• Total number of orders received
• Average order total
• List of the top 10 selling products

The CBS Monthly Sales Report can be accessed through the CBS Online Store Maintenance System by signing in with the store vendor's log-in information and is available in an HTML, PDF or e-mail format. The report is under "Accounting" on the left rail listed as the last option. If you do not already have access to the CBS Online Store, your University Relations representative will be contacting you shortly to give you the login information.

Before the end of the year we plan on adding traffic and conversion numbers, as well as a more detailed breakdown of sales to include a separation of banner ads, navigation ads, natural search, etc.

Please contact your Online Account Manager or University Relations representative should you have any questions regarding this report.

Customer Support
If you receive technical questions from your fans regarding All-Access, please direct them to the All-Access "Help Center" at Additionally, they can click on the "Customer Service Inquiries" link located on your All-Access page and it will pop open the "Help Center" in its own window without leaving the page.

Once in the "Help Center", a fan can go to the "Ask a question" tab where there are drop down menus for:

• Live event support
• Account related support

• Technical support
• Archived event support
• Billing issues
• Cancellation requests
• Full list of our current All-Access partner schools

After it is completed and submitted, the Support Team will receive the form and respond to the customer.

The "Help Center" also has a knowledge base of questions and answers fans can review and draw information from. We are also adding a mobile device knowledge base to this section.

Q3 Royalty Payment Changes
Our accounting department recently changed the way CBS recognizes All-Access revenue based on recommendations from our auditors. Specifically, we have begun to recognize monthly subscriptions by date rather than month.

Under the new accounting treatment, if a user signed up for a monthly subscription on September 15th, half the revenue was recognized in September and the remaining half was recognized in October. Previously, when a user purchased a monthly subscription, all related revenue would be fully realized in the month of purchase.

While this change makes sense from an accounting standpoint and will not impact your overall dollars, it may impact what you receive in Q3 royalties.

Let your University Relations representative know if you would like to discuss this change in greater detail or have any questions. We are happy to schedule time with our accounting staff to walk through how the changes impact you, if necessary.


Roster Upgrades
We are happy to announce an upgrade to our roster page presentation and functionality by implementing column sorting capabilities. It is no longer necessary to publish two rosters to achieve alphabetical and numerical displays.

In addition to being able to sort a roster by number and name, users can also sort by position, height, weight (where applicable) and year. If combining the height and weight columns, sorting will be done by height. We are currently considering additional options for conveying the availability of the sorting options to the user.

You can determine whether the default roster presentation should be alphabetical or numerical when you are building your schedule in Netitor.

Live examples can be found on and

Super Scoreboard College Network is excited to introduce the Super Scoreboard, another innovative web site feature to help keep your fans engaged with your Official Athletic Site and sports.

The Super Scoreboard is a Flash composite calendar module that can be easily added to your site as a one-stop shop for your fans when they're looking for information about a specific event or a series of events.

Click here for more information about features and functions of the "Super Scoreboard". If you would like to implement this on your site, please contact your Managing Editor.

Front/Sport Page Flash Calendar
In the near future, College Network will roll out a Flash Calendar for your front and sport pages. This interactive, design-friendly feature combines two common site components: the text-based Event Engine and the Flash Scoreboard.

The Flash Calendar debuted with the launch of For now, the Flash Calendar is an additional event-presentation option, but will eventually replace Event Engines and Flash Scoreboards for most partners.

The front page Flash Calendar displays event info (sports, date range, number of events completed & upcoming) according to the settings in "Build Scoreboard New." The sport page Flash Calendars display all events for the upcoming, current or recently completed season for the sport being viewed.

Before an event starts, each event pod will display date, sport, opponent (with logo)/event, time, location, coverage (GameTracker, All-Access Audio or Video, TV, and Radio) and Preview (if associated). When a "Gametracked" event gets underway, the event pod will glow to indicate the event is in progress. The event pod will display the latest known score and event status (inning, quarter, etc.). When an event is over, the event pod will display the score and, where applicable, special event status (OT, extra innings, etc.), recap, stats, notes, quotes and photo galleries.

Your Managing Editor and University Relations representative will be touch when we are ready to begin rollout on your site. Please contact your University Relations representative with any questions or comments on the Flash Calendar.

Did You Know?
SVG Article College Network's return to a Flash-based All-Access platform was featured in a recent Sports Video Group newsletter and on the SVG website. The article outlines the new and improved features of All-Access, as well as the six month-long process to reach our end goal. You can read the full story here.

Partner News
Wounded Warrior Project
We would like to extend a special "thank you" to the 80+ schools in the College Network that are running ads as part of an awareness campaign for our partner, the Wounded Warrior Project. If you would like to join this effort to honor and empower our wounded warriors, please contact your University Relations representative.

Newly Redesigned Sites
Click here for our newly redesigned sites:

Boston University Northwestern
Colorado State

DePaul San Diego

Georgia Tech San Diego State

Illinois State UC Davis

Loyola Marymount UCF
Miami University

Northern Illinois Vanderbilt


In closing...
Thank you for your continued support. Please send us any feedback that will help us improve our quarterly newsletter.


Robert Schupler
SVP, University Sales and Marketing College Network

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