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Attention 2013-14 All-Access Incentive Participants

Results are in for September

After one month of competition, Kansas State leads all participants with a 92% increase in Total Subscribers Month over Month. They are followed by Marshall (82%), Georgetown (82%), University of Montana (80%) and Michigan (40%) respectively.

Remember, the school with the great percentage increase in total monthly and annual subscribers at the end of the school year (more than 20%) will win $10,000 in cash and $10,000 in streaming equipment. We will also award one 2nd place prize ($2,500 cash and $2,500 equipment) and five, 3rd place prizes ($1,000 cash and $1,000 equipment). In order to be eligible to win a prize, a school must achieve at least a 20% increase in total subscribers YOY. We have 50 schools competing in this program.

Good luck - remember live game content and aggressive marketing drives consumption.

Below is a snapshot a the top ten schools. The full results can be seen by clicking here:

Rank School % Change Sept-Oct
1 Kansas State 92
2 Marshall 82
3 Georgetown 82
4 University of Montana 80
5 Michigan 40
6 Louisville 40
7 West Virginia 38
8 Army 36
9 Villanova 30
10 Wake Forest 28

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