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Welcome to the Second Quarter Campus Report College Network: Campus Report College Network

Welcome to our academic year-end newsletter. Thanks to your support and enthusiasm, our successful 2010-11 year included gains in advertising, e-commerce, product development and new partner acquisitions. We will use the past year's momentum to create a strong start to the 2011-12 academic year.

Most notably, we will be launching mobile apps from our new vendor, Silver Chalice, this fall. These apps will help you continue to reach your fans where they consume content - on multiple platforms. The apps will have a custom look and feel unique to each partner, while providing consistent and reliable functionality. You can read more about the apps below.

Also included in this edition of the Campus Report are our second quarter and year-end rankings, a lengthy list of early summer redesigns, and improvements made to our CMS, Netitor.

I hope you have an enjoyable summer and much success on and off the field throughout the new school year.

Network Rankings

Click Here for Second Quarter Top 50 Rankings
Page Impressions
1. Texas
2. North Carolina
3. Texas A&M
4. Michigan
5. South Carolina
Unique Browsers
1. Texas
2. North Carolina
3. Baylor
4. Michigan
5. Notre Dame
Mobile Page Impressions
1. North Carolina
2. Alabama
3. South Carolina
4. Oklahoma
5. Florida State
Mobile Unique Browsers
1. North Carolina
2. Alabama
3. South Carolina
4. Oklahoma
5. Notre Dame
All-Access Revenue
1. USC
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma
4. South Carolina
5. North Carolina
Auction Revenue
1. Texas A&M
2. Alabama
3. Notre Dame
4. Florida State
5. Auburn
Online Store Revenue
1. Official Store
2. Official Store
3. Official Store
4. UConn Official Store
5. Oklahoma Official Store
Replay Photos Revenue
1. Wisconsin
2. North Carolina
3. Auburn
4. Indiana
5. Penn State
Click Here for 2010-11 Top 50 Rankings
Page Impressions
1. North Carolina
2. Michigan
3. Texas
4. Notre Dame
5. Alabama
Unique Browsers
1. Michigan
2. North Carolina
3. Texas
4. Notre Dame
5. Alabama
Mobile Page Impressions
1. North Carolina
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma
4. Notre Dame
5. Penn State
Mobile Unique Browsers
1. North Carolina
2. Alabama
3. Notre Dame
4. Oklahoma
5. Penn State
All-Access Revenue
1. USC
2. Oklahoma
3. Alabama
4. Oklahoma State
5. North Carolina
Auction Revenue
1. Alabama
2. Texas Tech
3. Notre Dame
4. Maryland
5. Georgetown
Online Store Revenue
1. Auburn Official Store
2. Official Store
3. Official Store
4. Oklahoma Official Store
5. Michigan State Official Store
Replay Photos Revenue
1. Auburn
2. Wisconsin
3. Penn State
4. Alabama
5. Kansas State

Partner News

New Partners College Network welcomes Army, Big Ten Network, Minnesota, Missouri State, Montana, Nevada and Ohio State to our family!

Welcome New Partners

Recent Redesigns
Take a look our Network's newly redesigned sites:
Boston College
BCEagles.comConference USA
Grand Valley State
Loyola Chicago
Mountain West Conference
New Mexico
Southern Miss
Washington State

Keynote Performance
Click here to view how College Network stacks up against the competition in the June Keynote Performance Report. You will find that our Network members enjoy greater site performance (average download time in seconds) and availability (percentage of connection attempts that succeed) than those schools partnered with other service providers. Specifically, in one example, average CBS OAS download time was more than 12.5 seconds faster than a competitor's site.

Power of CBS
Content Syndication: All-Access
In the second quarter, promoted content from many of our College Network partners. Our schools also took advantage of content to enhance their own coverage. Highlights include:

Canes All-Access was featured in the college football blog entry on Miami (Fla.)'s spring game
Notre Dame's helmet cam technology clip was highlighted in the college football blog
Michigan football offseason activities were included in the college football Daily Fix
Maryland's live press conference for Gary Williams was placed on the home and college basketball pages
Boston College's spring game live video received 185 clicks from four different promotions
• Oklahoma was ranked first in's post-spring Top 25. OU tweeted the story link and posted it to their Facebook page, on top of placing the feature in their top headlines and Boomer Bytes. Additional Sooner All-Access content was placed on the college football homepage.

New Distribution Partner: SmartFolks College Network has partnered with SmartFolks, a company that develops branded trivia games for school athletic programs. We completed a successful trial with eight of our schools last fall, including Alabama and Auburn. Here is a quick overview of the program, along with some benefits:

• Offers custom, timed trivia games by school
• Leverages growing database of school-focused questions (currently over 40K questions)
• Uses a combination of simplicity, competition, and community to create a fast, fun, and free gaming environment that challenges the smartest fans
• Promotes ease of use, participation and Social sharing through a daily leaderboard, message board, points, credits, and "bragging rights"
• Builds a daily relationship with and among consumers
• Increased fan engagement encouraging daily visits
• Potential sponsorship revenue
• Registration engine
• Branded viral experience
• Active fan participation in content/fact creation

Smartest Dog The six-month trial results included:
• 24,000+ total registered players
• 200,000 monthly visitors
• 2,000,000+ monthly page views
• 8,000,000 monthly impressions
• 1.8MM total games played

This service is provided to you at no cost and CBS will work with SmartFolks to implement on your site. Please contact your University Relations representative for more information.

CBS Audience Network
In partnership with some of the largest and fastest-growing sites on the web, CBS Interactive launched the CBS Audience Network in August 2007. Today, the CBS Audience Network is the largest online network of professional content. The CBS Audience Network reaches 92% of US online users.

CBS Audience Network Fast Facts:
Breadth and depth of content: 70,000+ videos available online today (and growing)
Reach and scale: 190M video streams delivered since August 2007 launch
Premium partnerships: 300 partners, including AOL, MSN,, Yahoo!, YouTube and local CBS affiliates
Explosive growth: 360% Y/Y growth in video streams

The CBS Audience Network is a powerful syndication vehicle that provides you an opportunity to engage fans through non-OAS channels. If you are interested in learning more about this offering, please contact your University Relations representative.

Tornado Relief Shirts
In the Spring of 2011, an unprecedented number of devastating tornadoes impacted hundreds of thousands of people in the Midwest and South.

To help those affected by these devastating storms, College Network came up with an idea to create shirts that could be sold in our official stores to raise much needed funds to support the victims of these tornadoes. Tornado Relief Shirt

We teamed up with the Athletic Departments at Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State, as well as with vendor TeamFanShop to provide these special Tornado Relief T-Shirts in the Official Online Stores of these Universities. The shirts each featured a unique design that was closely tied to each school.

Together we have sold upwards of 25,000 shirts for a grand combined total of $428,666, with more than half of the revenue going directly to the Tornado Relief Funds in each state. The Athletic Departments at Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State along with College Network and TeamFanShop are proud and honored to assist in the relief efforts after such devastating storms.

Netitor PDF Manager
We have completed the third and final phase of the Image Manager project. The 'PDF Manager', which improves upon and replaces the existing 'Upload PDF' component, is now live.

Additionally, it sets the foundation for features to be realized with future Netitor work, most notably the auto-publishing of PDF content to article pages (or releases).

Here is a list of the more notable new features and upgrades:
• Ability to find any PDF in the database via sport, season, type and date range search options
• Ability to view, delete, overwrite and access the URL(s) of any PDF in the database
• Expansion of PDF 'type' options
• Creation of a "common" URL for select types, eliminating the need to upload a PDF twice (for example: once for the Game Notes release and again for sidebar link to latest version)
• Event-by-event and seasonal archiving
• Ability to associate multiple PDFs to a single event
• Upload and/or access opponent PDF content for publication to your site (content sharing)

• PDFs uploaded via 'Upload PDF' do not exist in the database.
• Not all new features & upgrades apply to all types of PDF content.

Click here for a more detailed look at the new Netitor component.

Netitor Schedule Upgrade
For those with the desire to build old schedules, we now have a Netitor solution for your needs. You can now build events/schedules as far back as 1900 (1988 was the previous limit). Additionally, we've reduced the 'Year' drop-down in 'Enter Event' to provide just the years that match the 'Load Year' you've selected. No need to see 1900, for example, when you are creating a 2011 men's soccer event.

Please contact your Managing Editor with any questions.

Netitor All-Access Content Management
We recently deployed an upgrade to All-Access content management within Netitor ('Modify Event/Non-Event Media'). Here is a summary of the new features:

Akamai Content Portal: When adding on-demand or archived live event content to your All-Access product, you no longer need to manually enter what is a long and difficult URL. Now, after uploading the content to Akamai, when you arrive at 'Modify Event/Non-Event Media', you will find an Akamai portal to select your content and enter it with a click of your mouse. This portal not only quickens and eases the content entry process, but combined with the 'View Content' feature noted below, eliminates the chance for error. The same features are available in 'Edit' as well.

View Content: When you select content from the portal, Netitor will play it so that you can be assured that 1) you have the right piece of content prior to publishing and 2) the quality is sufficient. It also protects against entering a piece of content that will not play in All-Access. If it does not play in Netitor, it will not play in All-Access.

Mobile and Wireless
Mobile App Program
Silver Chalice App We are excited about the progress we have made on the mobile app program for the Fall season and the enhanced functionality we will be delivering to your fans.

The initial launch on the Apple iOS and Android platforms will provide the following rich features to fans for all of the sports a school participates in:

• Video and Audio On Demand
• Scores/Schedule
• Live Game Scoring
• Headlines
• Rosters/Bio
• Photo Gallery
• Alerts
• Premium Upgrade for live Audio
• Sharing via social media and email

Additional features will be deployed throughout the school year, including location-based services, check in and in-venue features, live video, and links to ecommerce for fans.

Please contact your University Relations representative if you would like to sign up for our app program or have questions.

Conference USA Digital Network
In July, College Network and Conference USA announced a five-year extension to their digital partnership. As part of the extension, College Network will create the Conference USA Digital Network, a 100% digital network that will aggregate content from C-USA's official site and all 12 member school sites into one platform.

The Digital Network will allow all 12 C-USA institutions to offer a subscription package on their official athletic site featuring live and on-demand video from school specific athletic contests and events, including football, men's and women's basketball, baseball, soccer and many Olympic sports. An additional subscription package will be offered aggregating all C-USA video content which will be promoted and sold across all 12 C-USA school sites in the College Network. All video content and subscription packages will be promoted on the official site of C-USA, and the official athletic sites of C-USA member schools.

Podcast Player Upgrade has created a new Podcast player for us using College Network xml feeds. Features include:

• Latest episode in the feed for your school becomes the default
• Dropdown menu with previous episodes
• Embeddable or can be linked to as a "pop out"
• Shareable through Facebook and Twitter
• Your Podcast logo is visible on the player
• "Subscribe" link that sends listeners directly to the iTunes channel for the particular Podcast

The player is available for all partners currently participating in Podcasting. Please contact your University Relations representative with questions.

New Feature: My Account College Network introduced two new All-Access features in Q2 to enhance the user experience for your valued subscribers.

The new 'Your Account' section provides subscribers with self-management options such as resetting passwords, updating their billing information and a cancellation option that will discontinue billing at the end of the current term. Users can manage multiple subscriptions in the 'Your Account' section.

All-Access products will also now incorporate a 'sticky bar' on top of the multimedia player. The 'sticky bar' offers persistent links to log in, subscribe and contact customer service. Current subscribers that are logged in will also have access to their 'Your Account' section in the 'sticky bar.' College Network is constantly researching new features to improve your Official Athletic Site and All-Access multimedia product for your fans.

In Closing
Thank you for your continued support. Please send us any feedback that will help us improve our quarterly newsletter.
Robert Schupler
SVP, University Sales and Marketing College Network

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