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Netitor Tip of the Week: Adding GameTracker Links to a Schedule

July 3, 2014

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If you plan to provide GameTracker coverage for an event, you can set up a GameTracker link through the schedule in Netitor. Click on the image to see how to do this.

Netitor Tip of the Week: Adding GameTracker Links to Schedule

You should only do this if you will be running GameTracker yourself; if another school is running GameTracker, the link will automatically populate to your schedule already - assuming the schedule has been built correctly and there are no events appearing in the Related Events box in the upper left. Any GameTracker link you build will automatically push to the schedules of our other partner schools and conferences, unless you are adding GameTracker for a same-day event. In that case, please reach out to our digital media services department to get the link added to the schedules of our other partners.

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