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Social Sharing Tool Expands to Over 50 Sharing Options

May 3, 2012

CARLSBAD, Calif. - College Network expands the Article Page Toolbar feature to include more than 50 social media sharing options for your Official Athletic Site (OAS). This social sharing feature turns your audience into a content distribution network which expands the reach of your Official Athletic Site.

Fans can share content from your OAS through their own social networks on the world's most popular social media sites. In turn, incrememental traffic is driven back to your site where additional content can be discovered, consumed and shared. College Network continues to grow the network of social media partners to help distribute your content to the most current and popular social media sites in the world.

The Article Page Toolbar offers basic sharing functions such as Print and E-Mail Article. The Share function allows users to share your content with just one click. Facebook users can "Like" your content, giving personal endorsements to your Official Athletic Site and significantly increasing Facebook referrals. Google+ users can give your content a +1 with just a click of their mouse. Even Pinterest users can "pin" your content to their boards.

If you would like to see the Article Page Toolbar feature in action, feel free to use the feature at the top of this story to share this story with your Athletic Director and colleagues in college sports. For more information about the Article Page Toolbar feature and how it can help expand the reach of your Official Athletic Site, please contact your Managing Editor or University Relations representative.

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