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New Netitor VOD Toolset Released for Easier Embedding, Publishing

March 27, 2014

The College Network has released a new toolset in Netitor, adding additional features to the "Modify Non-Event Media" section. This will aid partners in placing video-on-demand clips (VOD) on their official sites, including providing an easy embed code.

There are two ways to access this toolset. The first is to upload a new piece of video content and step through the "Modify Non-Event Media" screen. Once you select Update Information at the bottom of the page, the new toolset triggers. Please note, the VOD must be set as archive and free for this behavior to occur.

The other option is to select the icon under the Embed column on the Modify Non-Event Media screen for previously added VOD which meet the requirements.

From there, users are presented with a screen which allows them to do the following ...

  • Update one or all Build Site Indexes on their site.
  • Update one or all Media Sorters on their site.
  • Generate embed code for placement on the OAS site and/or an external site.
  • Share socially via Twitter.

The focus with this additional toolset is to get VOD live on a site as quickly as possible without having to navigate to various places within Netitor. As usual, specific feature requests will be addressed after initial launch to determine if more should be added to this offering.

VOD Toolset

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