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CBS Interactive Advanced Media Launches New Mobile-Optimized Athletic Sites for More Than 120 Partner Schools

Feb. 28, 2014

CARLSBAD, Calif. - CBS Interactive Advanced Media is pleased to announce the launch of new mobile websites for its more than 120 partner schools' official athletic sites. As of Tuesday, February 25, mobile users are being automatically directed to the enhanced mobile sites.

These new sites deliver a significantly improved mobile experience, featuring a redesigned look with improved functionality and more related content, aligning the mobile experience more closely with the desktop experience. The new mobile redesign also allows greater flexibility and editorial control than ever before.

Each mobile site will continue to be located at its current mobile URL. Users can now access the desktop version via a link included in the footer of each page. The redesigned sites will also now allow partners to have a greater vision into their brand performance across platforms.

CBS Interactive Advanced Media produces the redesigned mobile sites in-house, and will have the ability to continually refine and perfect the mobile experience for partner schools and their users.

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