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Welcome to the Fourth Quarter Campus Report

Jan. 21, 2011 College Network: Campus Report College Network

Welcome to the Fourth Quarter Campus Report.
Network Rankings

Click Here for Fourth Quarter Top 50 Rankings
Page Impressions
1. North Carolina
2. Michigan
3. Notre Dame
4. Auburn
5. Oklahoma
Unique Browsers
1. Michigan
2. Notre Dame
3. North Carolina
4. Alabama
5. Texas
Online Store Revenue
1. Auburn
2. Wisconsin
3. Alabama
4. Michigan State
5. Notre Dame
Auction Revenue
1. Texas Tech
2. Maryland
3. Purdue
4. Alabama
5. Notre Dame
Replay Photos Revenue
1. Auburn
2. Wisconsin
3. Penn State
4. Alabama
5. Kansas
All-Access Revenue
1. USC
2. Oklahoma
3. Alabama
4. Oklahoma State
5. North Carolina

Power of CBS Team Arena Pages
The team arena pages on now boast a dedicated Official Athletic Site section. Your most recent published headlines from men's basketball and football are listed on your team's page, with each headline linking back to the story on your OAS. There is also a second link to the main page of your OAS listed in this new section. The original remains in your header. You can see an example here.

Content Syndication: Football Wrap-Up & Basketball Previews
With the end of football season and conference play in basketball heating up, our team is creating content on a weekly basis that can serve as a supplement to your existing OAS content.

Notre Dame recently used Jon Rothstein and Jason Horowitz's video preview of their men's basketball game versus UConn in their game notes and Gameday Central page. Auburn enhanced their coverage of their football team's BCS National Championship by including seven videos and a podcast in their post-game recap.

In turn, surfaced South Carolina video on the college football homepage to expand the coverage of Marcus Lattimore's return to the team, as well as an Auburn All-Access clip on Heisman Trophy winner, Cam Newton. A Marquette feature from MUTube on the importance of fans in their Wisconsin rivalry was promoted on the college basketball homepage prior to the December matchup.

The live HuskyVision press conference announcing Paul Pasqualoni as the new UConn football head coach was featured on the home page of, as was Miami's press conference introducing Al Golden as their new head football coach.

On average, All-Access videos promoted on generated an additional 100 views per clip for our partners in Q4.

New Distribution Partner: Yakking Heads
We have a unique opportunity to share with you through a partnership CBS has secured with Yakking Heads. Yakking Heads provides the inperson technology that you may have seen on other sites. Click here to see an example from TCU. Yakking Heads

Inperson technology is particularly effective in helping promote tickets sales, upcoming promotions, auction items, and sponsor messaging.

Previously, we partnered with Rovion to offer this service to our partners. The Rovion price point was $750 per video. With Yakking Heads, you will receive 20% off any regularly priced service. The most popular is the :30 video and is priced at $127 for CBS partners ($159 regularly). Additionally, when you place a single order for 6 or more videos, there is an additional 20% off discount.

If you are interested in this service, click here for a video tutorial. It walks you through the ordering steps, online process, and provides the CBS-specific promo code you will need to receive the discount.

All questions can be sent directly to Shooting instructions with recommended tips on how to shoot the video and preferred formats can be found here. Once the video is encoded, Yakking Heads will send the javascript tags to CBS and we will implement on your site.

Let your University Relations representative know if you any questions.

Distribution Partner: PROforma's Discount Extension
The best digital publishing system on the market. Powerful, versatile, easy to manage, and priced right! Take advantage of savings up to 60%. College Network special pricing expires March 31, 2011 so don't wait! Contact David Nunn with PROforma at 970-626-3395 or

Facebook's "Like" Feature
We are pleased to announce the addition of Facebook's "Like" feature to our social media options for story pages.

Users can:
• like a story and share it on Facebook with a comment
• unlike a story (only if previously liked)
• see if friend has already liked the story (if logged into Facebook)
• push the story's headline, synopsis and photo, if applicable, to their Facebook pages (the headline linking to the story on your site) upon "liking" or commenting

Between ease of use and being a lesser statement than sharing, the "Like" button should prove far more successful than the "Share" option in getting your content pushed to the Facebook pages of your constituents.

You can view a live example here. Our Editorial staff is currently in the process of deploying this feature to all of our partners who desire it. Please email your editorial group if you would like this feature on your site.

GameTracker Media View
We recently rolled out GameTracker's "Media View" to our partners. This is a purely statistical view of a basketball game intended to better service the media and provide fans another option for following a game.

Media View In order for the feature to be successful as a media service, we have made significant back-end modifications to hasten data processing and delivery - how we serve, how often we look for, and how we process GameTracker data.

For example, we used to look for new data every 30 seconds (the 30 second intervals beginning with the opening of GameTracker - user-by-user). We have dropped that to 1.5 seconds for "Media View" and five seconds for the regular view. There are other factors that determine how fast data gets into the interface once a game file is received, but in summary, all users should see a significant speed-of-update improvement.

Our ultimate goal, through further speed advances and an expanded feature set, is to save you time, money and effort by eliminating the need for stat monitors.

Features include:
• General game status with core game info and abbreviated team/player stats, play-by-play
• Full box score and play-by-play
• Game leaders in 10 categories
• Superlatives (points in the paint, points off turnovers, lead changes, etc.)
• Game notes (as entered into the software)
• Season statistics (up to current game)

How to Access:
When you open GameTracker, you'll find "Media View" in the main navigation. You can view a populated "Media View" by opening GameTracker for one of your completed events.

In the near future, we are going to add a "Print" option and incorporate the existing "Commentary" feature (which will allow delivery of in-game notes to all users). We will continue to seek out ways to further speed up data processing and delivery.

As far as producing this feature for other sports, we plan to bring "Media View" to football prior to the start of the 2011 season.

GameTracker & STATS, Inc.
It is our pleasure to announce that we have begun receiving and processing live game PBP files from STATS, Inc. for select men's basketball games. Coverage is available for most games involving a member of a Big Six conference or an AP Top 25 team. As a result, several partners will be able to offer GameTracker coverage of an event where it would not have existed otherwise.

Netitor Publishing/Schedule Upgrade
We recently completed a Netitor publishing and schedule content offering upgrade. You can now push your weekly release/game notes to the schedule page and it will be presented in the same fashion as a recap (headline - linked, teaser and photo). Additionally, you can associate your weekly release to more than one event.

To do this, submit your weekly release or game notes. After, you will be provided a "Type" menu. Currently, "Weekly Release" is the only option. We will expand that menu down the road for other possible pre-event content. Once you select "Weekly Release," you can then select the event(s) the document pertains to (using the "Ctrl" key or the "Apple" key to select more than one). After you make the document live, it will appear on the schedule page in the appropriate event box(es) shortly thereafter.

Image Manager Upgrade
We have completed Phase II development of Netitor's "Image Manager" module. The upgrade features the creation of graphic management capabilities, namely graphics databasing, as well as aesthetic and other functional improvements to the previous "Upload Graphic" component. Click here for more information.

GameTracker: Team Rankings
GameTracker now presents an AP ranking, where applicable, next to the team name in the scoreboard, Game Summary (at the top) and Media View (at the top). All rankings represent the rank at the time of the game - even when viewing a past game. Ranks have been applied retroactively, so all 2010-11 games played to-date have been covered. For example, if a Kansas fan were to open GameTracker for the November 15 men's game against Valparaiso, they will see that the Jayhawks were ranked seventh at the time.

Customer Service Improvements
Based on feedback that we received from you and your fans, we have made it easier to cancel All-Access subscriptions, if a customer desires. Subscribers can call an 800 number to speak with a CBS representative or continue to submit cancellations in writing.

Our primary goal is to provide you and your fans with the best possible digital experience and your feedback helps us accomplish this objective. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

Forward Thinking
Future of All-Access
The launch of the new All-Access 3.0 product in August 2010 produced some terrific results for our partners in Q4. A few key metrics include:

• Over 30% average increase in monthly sales for the last four months of 2010 compared to 2009
• 86% customer support self-help rate using our new Help Center
• 86% increase in total streams for September, with 145% increase in viewing time year-over-year

All-Access is more accessible and discoverable to users, with a new Flash multimedia player, social media sharing tools, and advanced search options to find the content fans crave. As a result, the high-quality content being showcased by our partners is attracting and retaining more subscribers. The active subscriber count has more than doubled since the launch of 3.0.

In 2011, we plan to further improve the solid foundation of All-Access. Enhancements include adaptive bitrate streaming so that users can experience the highest stream quality that their device allows; additional social media sharing enhancements to spread the word about All-Access; and content syndication from the local to national level, and from mobile devices to set-top boxes.

Did You Know?
Partner Tenure
One of the things we are most proud of at Network is the retention and tenure of our partners. Of our current partners, 31% have been with CBS 10+ years and more than one out every 10 partners has been with us for 13+ years. Tenure

The full breakdown shows:
10 years or more: 52 partners (31.0%)
11 years or more: 36 partners (21.4%)
12 years or more: 27 partners (16.1%)
13 years or more: 19 partners (11.3%)

Our 10 longest-tenured partners include:

2. Notre Dame 7. ACC
3. Cal 8. Villanova
4. Texas Tech 9. Purdue
5. Maryland
10. Clemson
Partner News
2010 Network Products & Services Survey
Thank you to our partners who completed the Network Products and Services survey. We appreciate your candor and will act upon your feedback so that we may continue to provide you with best-in-class service. Takeaways include:

• 85.5% of respondents rated overall support and quality excellent or good
• All-Access player, site design and GameTracker were rated the highest among all products and services
• Gains in technology, as well as backend video management were noted areas needing improvement

Keynote Performance
Click here to view how College Network stacks up against the competition in the October Keynote Performance Report. You will find that our Network members enjoy greater site performance (average download time in seconds) and availability (percentage of connection attempts that succeed) than those schools partnered with other service providers.

New Partners College Network welcomes Montana to our family!

TCU Redesign Recent Redesigns
Click here for our newly redesigned sites:
Long Beach State
Miami (Fla.)
Stony Brook
West Coast Conference

In Closing
Thank you for your continued support. Please send us any feedback that will help us improve our quarterly newsletter.
Robert Schupler
SVP, University Sales and Marketing College Network

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