The #1 source for exclusive access to top Division I college teams and more, SportsLive is the most comprehensive collegiate sports streaming product available. Available across desktop, tablet, iOS & android mobile devices, as well as OTT platforms like Roku, SportsLive the best way to keep the biggest sports fans connected to their favorite teams.

Product Highlights:

  • Aggregates content from CBS partners into a single platform for an easy user experience
  • Dedicated iOS & android apps
  • Roku channel
  • No cable subscription required
  • Portable experience - connect while on-the-go
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming provides the best quality for your content


GameTracker is a live statistical interface driven by the stats feed from an official scoring computer utilizing the industry-leading statistical software - The Automated Scorebook from StatCrew Software. CBS also enjoys a partnership with STATS, which provides GameTracker coverage of several events each year for its partners.

Providing GameTracker coverage of an event is easy and requires no additional personnel. With each entry into the scoring software (play, pitch, timeout, etc.), an .xml file is generated, sent to our servers and then parsed into the GameTracker interface.


StatCrew Software lets you put your real-time official game stats and play-by-play live on the Internet with Tas Live. After you connect your computer to the Internet, updates to the Web are automatically posted after each play. Tas Live consists of the Windows Game Reports "live" feature along with a product called TasFtp. As soon as you enter a play, TasFtp automatically updates your web site with current, up-to-date game stats and play-by-play information. TasFtp will create either pre-formatted HTML frames that go directly to the site, or will send "raw" XML data to the server for use by a custom application that formats and displays the statistics.

Key Features:

  • Automatic update of game stats on the Internet
  • Includes a play-by-play narrative summary
  • Customize logos, user information frame
  • Specify the Web site location to update
  • Auto-refresh on the Internet of "live" Web stats
  • Optional XML output (requires the current version of scoring software)


For more than 15 years, CBS has provided e-commerce solutions, support and expertise for our partners. We offer a couple different options for managing your e-commerce experience: we can host your store on our own proprietary e-commerce platform (with merchandise provided by the local vendor of your choice), or we can link to a third party provider's e-commerce site. In either scenario, we can integrate your store into your official site through dynamic portals, run-of-site ads, contextual links, social media and more. As an e-commerce partner, CBS provides the following services:

  • Site Hosting (Stores and Auctions)
  • Marketing support
  • Inventory management assistance
  • Customer Service assistance
  • Product planning assistance
  • System training and support
  • Sales reporting and analysis
  • Affiliate relationships
  • Dedicated Online Account Manager for each partner
  • Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Apps

Whether on campus or thousands of miles away, Gameday LIVE gives die-hard fans everything they need to keep up with their favorite teams all season long! Covering ALL school sports, our Gameday LIVE app includes:

  • Streaming Live and On-Demand Audio & Video
  • News & headlines, featuring greater mobile optimization
  • GameTracker live scoring integration
  • Complete sport schedules with a focus on event-related content
  • Enhanced Roster and Bios
  • Facebook, Instagram & Twitter integration
  • Mobile-optimized photo galleries
  • TailgateTracker
  • Sport-specific Facilities information, including seating and parking maps, directions and more
  • Mobile Alerts


In addition to designing and building official athletic websites, CBS creates themed, responsive microsites for many of its partners. These are generally built by the digital media services team and can feature the ability to publish content, as well as initial and ongoing maintenance.

Types of Microsites:

  • Award candidates
  • Commemorating a special season
  • Signing Day
  • Fundraising initiatives
  • Ticket sales
  • Recruiting

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