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Live Audio/Video Streaming

All-Access, a subscription online service provided by College Network, provides fans with exclusive multimedia coverage from over 120 of the top athletic programs in the nation. All-Access programming* can include live game coverage, pre/post-game interviews and press conferences, highlights, exclusive behind the scenes coverage, coaches' shows, and much more.

* School and Conference All-Access content and pricing may vary

Streaming Services
With dedicated representatives in San Diego and New York, the College Network Streaming Services team helps create a distinctive multimedia service and facilitates the delivery of the highest quality audio and video experience to fans across the nation.

On Demand Multimedia

Not only can fans access live audio and video of their favorite collegiate athletic program via All-Access, they also have the ability to access previously aired content* as well. Fans can access audio and/or video of full games, press conferences, highlights, and much more in the All-Access platform.

* School and Conference On Demand content may vary

Audio/Video Customer Support College Network's All-Access Customer Support team strives to provide the highest level of service to our customer base. The Support team focuses on assisting the consumer with technical issues regarding live and on-demand audio/video streaming and content accessibility. Additionally the Support team resolves account management, billing and general issues and questions.

Consumers may access dedicated html forms for all areas of support including real time "Live event" problem notifications. Representatives monitor all live broadcasts and are dedicated to responding to all "Live event" support requests in a timely manner.

Dedicated html support forms:

  • Customer feedback page
  • Technical support page
  • Account maintenance page
  • Cancellation page
  • Live event problem notification page

Consumers may access our expansive "Frequently Asked Questions" knowledge base for the answers to many common questions including minimum system requirements and several "how to" questions and much more.

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