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2017-18 Volleyball


  1. Version 3.19 of TASVB. This is $400 new and $165 for an upgrade from a previous version.
  2. TASFTP, Stat Crew's live stats software, handles the operation of sending the stat data via FTP. If you do not have TASFTP, the cost is $400.
  3. An internet connection at the facility.

Click here for information about the Legacy Cloud Connector.

Example of Volleyball GameTracker
Click for a full-scale, interactive version

Getting Started
Below is information regarding the required settings. Please note that there are no additional steps needed in TASVB beyond your normal setup procedure.

GAME REPORTS (WINDOWS) After establishing your match in TASVB, open the Windows "Game Reports" program. This is where you will identify the match for which XML files will be sent and enter the necessary settings to direct TASFTP - telling it to send the XML match file (as opposed to HTML), where to send it and which event to apply the information to. Here are the steps:

Game Reports Screen Example
Live Setup Screen Example

  1. Click the Games List button in the upper left
  2. Select the appropriate match and click OK
  3. Go to the "Live" menu, select Live setup and enter/check the following:

    Activate: Check
    GameTracker gameid: Enter the match ID number. The ID number is the six- or seven-digit number located in the GameTracker URL. There are two ways to find the ID number for a match:

      1. Mouse over the GameTracker link wherever it may be found on your site (front page event listing, schedule page, etc.). When you mouse over the link, the URL will appear in a window just above your task bar. Here is an example of what the URL will look like (a portion of the URL):

      2. Each partner has its own web page in which all GameTracker URLs created for a particular season are aggregated. You can find your URLs by clicking the appropriate link below and then clicking on your school code. If you are unsure of your school code, please contact your Manager.

      Find My Women's Volleyball URLs | Find My Men's Volleyball URLs

    Auto–send FTP: Check (also check the XML option)
    FTP Site:
    User ID: fanslive
    Password: Please check with your Manager
    Target directory: schoolcode/sportcode (ex: psu/w-volley or usc/m-volley)

    Enable XML stats feed: Check
    XML gameid: schoolcode (ex: psu)

    Show stats on screen: Check

4. After entering/checking the appropriate information/boxes, click OK.

After clicking OK, you will see your box score appear in the "Game Reports" window. Additionally, TASFTP will send the initial file that you have set up (the result of Activating). You do not need to "Initialize live files."

You are now ready to go! After entering your first play, TASFTP will open in the background, move down to your task bar and then disappear once it's done sending the match file. You will also see your "Game Reports" box score update.

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