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GameTracker Features

Below is a look at the most notable features of the football GameTracker interface, including implementation instructions where applicable.


From time to time, games can experience a weather delay. GameTracker allows you to provide an alert to the users.

Football Gametracker - Postgame Instruction
To generate an "Alert," take the following steps:

1. TASFB -> Game setup -> Game notes
2. Enter ALERT: *message*
3. After entering the desired text, click Enter until the "Game notes" field closes.
4. Open Game Reports, go to "Live" and select Send stats files.


Football Gametracker - Postgame We display the top offensive and defensive performer from each team (from an automated stats analysis), along with the final score, the recap and other postgame content (box score, notes, quotes and one or more photo galleries). The "Postgame" section is presented automatically to the user when the game ends and when opening GameTracker after the game is over.

There are no extra steps needed. Just proceed as normal when posting postgame content (by associating the content to the appropriate event).


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