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Recent Enhancements

CBSi Advanced Media is constantly making improvements for our network partners. Improvements are determined based upon feedback that we get from our partners. As more partners make a request for a similar function, that element moves up in priority on the product roadmap. Some recent upgrades include the following:

All Access

* Unveiled new All Access player in September of 2013
* Increased screen resolution
* Automatic archiving
* Enhanced geo-restricting - providing the ability to block out by zip codes, cities or states
* DVR functionality
* Enhanced searched functions
* Three different player sizes to chose from
* Closed caption is now available
* Mid-roll ad insertion

Responsive Design

* Incorporated HTML5 for videos in All Access, BSI and VOD so that they are now fully functional regardless of what device you are using.
* Used JavaScript and removed flash elements for photo galleries, gametracker, schedules and calendars.
* Began working with schools using Graceful Degradation. This takes the most commonly used elements of a site and makes sure they are fully responsive.
* Launched our first responsive design site in May, 2014


For the 2013 school year, CBSi Advanced Media released a brand new version of our Football and Basketball GameTracker. The main purpose was to meet the needs our growing mobile/tablet traffic. The new version is non-Flash and written in JavaScript and HTML5. It is compatible across all web and mobile browsers. It is built with responsive design, so the interface will adjust to the size of the user's browser for a better user experience. CBSi Advanced Media plans to launch versions for Baseball and Softball this spring and all remaining sports next year.


The most comprehensive and integrated marketing solution available, Omniture enables marketers to measure, personalize, and optimize marketing campaigns and digital experiences for optimal marketing performances. With its complete set of solutions, including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Media Optimizer, as well as real-time dashboards and a collaborative interface, marketers are able to combine data, insights and digital content to deliver the optimal brand experience to their customers.

ADA Compliance

CBSi Advanced Media continues to work directly with University IT departments to make sure their ADA compliance needs are met. This includes the use of screen readers, web site colors, coding, tabling and closed caption accessibility. We will continue to work with them until they are satisfied with the level of compliance.


Recent upgrades to Netitor include:
* Mobile optimization of photos, calendars and scoreboards
* Social sharing of headlines and videos
* Branded editorial content
* GameTracker media view
* Team records on schedule pages
* Sortable rosters
* Bio associations
* Image manager
* Upload XML
* Build Site Index Video
* Upgraded Events Calendar Widget
* Flash Sliders now Javascript

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