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All-Access & ULive

Subscription online services provided by CBSi Advanced Media, which provide fans with exclusive multimedia coverage to more than 100 of the top athletic programs in the nation. Programming can include live game coverage, pre/post-game interviews and press conferences, highlights, exclusive behind the scenes coverage, coaches' shows, and much more.
* Our network supports more than 5,000 new pieces of Video On Demand content per month and over 18,000 live events annually.
* School and Conference All-Access content and pricing may vary.

Live & On Demand Streaming

With dedicated representatives in San Diego and New York, CBSi Advanced Media Streaming Services team helps create a distinctive multimedia service and facilitates the delivery of the highest quality audio and video experience to fans across the nation.

Product features can include adaptive bit rate streaming for optimized playback on any device, DVR capability and auto-archiving, multi-platform outputs for desktop, iOS devices, Android, and HTML5, variable player sizing, closed captioning, and pre and mid-roll ad breaks for increased revenue opportunities.

In addition to these product features, CBSi Advanced Media offers live event monitoring and troubleshooting support, as well as a dedicated representative on the streaming team for each school on the network.

Not only can fans access live audio and video of their favorite collegiate athletic program via All-Access, they also have the ability to access previously aired content as well.
* Fans can access audio and/or video of full games, press conferences, highlights, and much more in the All-Access platform.
* School and Conference All-Access content and pricing may vary.

Audio/Video Customer Support

CBSi Advanced Media All-Access Customer Support team strives to enhance the level of consumer satisfaction to our fan base before, during and after the purchase of an All-Access subscription product. The customer service team focuses on assisting consumers in all areas of All-Access support including account management, billing and technical issues with an emphasis on live event support.

Fans have access to a full service Call Center via state of the art Help Center technology using a weighted and rolling self help knowledge base with over sixty questions and answers. Accessing the Help Center is easy; just click on HELP in any All-Access player. We have seen a consistent 95%+ self help deflection rate with only 5% of fans needing additional interaction with the Call Center. The Help Center is divided into three sections; the ANSWERS page or knowledge base; the SUBMIT A QUESTION page where fans may submit an email to the Call Center using pre-populated forms where a case number will be opened and sent to them for tracking and are responded to in a timely manner. Lastly there is a FEEDBACK section, consumer feedback is always welcomed. Our knowledge base is updated frequently in an effort to keep it current and is full of loads of great information such as "How do I find out how much bandwidth I have" or "How do I clear my web browsers cache" to "What are the minimum system requirements for All-Access", general "about All-Access" questions and much more . The Help Center knowledge base is weighted to push the most frequently clicked on questions to the top. The knowledge base is also rolling; when any question is selected a consumer is presented with the top six weighted questions and answers to choose from. In short, the knowledge base is designed to let you cycle though its database of questions as you click on them until you either find what you're looking for or you feel you need additional interaction with the call center.

Live event issues are given the highest priority support in the Help Center. A dynamic ticker runs across the top of the ANSWERS page for "I can't view a live event" support. Several suggestions for resolution are offered in addition to a toll free number that may be used to speak with a Call Center representative for assistance. Additionally, the Call Center monitors all streams for quality and up time.

Once a fan has become an active All-Access subscriber they may access a suite of self help tools we have implemented to empower the consumer to handle many common tasks by clicking on the MY ACCOUNT link in any All-Access player.


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