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GameTracker is the next generation in live stat presentation, powered solely by Flash and XML. Using action scripting technology in Flash, the interface automatically pulls in "fresh" statistical data in the background with each receipt of an updated XML file directly from the scoring computer. As a result, GameTracker never needs to refresh/reload. Additionally, using Flash allows for the use of animation.


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  • The customized stats interface contains your school's logo and text links to various 'hot points' or related content within your official site.
  • The industry-leading statistical software - The Automated Scorebook from Stat Crew Software - drives the custom design for the live interface. Using other Stat Crew software designed to work with Automated Scorebook, the stats feed is transferred to our servers without interrupting statistic input operations or requiring additional staff.
  • Because we acquire the stat data in raw "XML" format, we are able to present stats for the same game in different templates. Thus, by participating, you can offer live stats off of your site, in your school's interface, for away games whenever another GameTracker participant is hosting the game. With CBSi Advanced Media at more than 100 schools and growing, and with non-network schools being given the opportunity in this stat offering, in most cases this means many of your road games will be available off of your site and in your school-branded GameTracker.
  • Revenue generation! Presenting sponsorship and advertising opportunities give you the ability to not only offset any operation costs, but to generate revenue.
  • CBSi Advanced Media staff actively monitors the transmission of the statistical data for all football, men's basketball and women's basketball games. If we stop receiving a game file, we will inform the contact provided for each sport, eliminating the need for you to dedicate a person solely to the provision of GameTracker.

Mobile Apps

The CBSi Advanced Media mobile applications offer direct access to the most current news, scores and content from your favorite college teams. Available in both iOS App Store and Google Play marketplaces, the Official Athletics apps provide fans with an easy-to-use interface that delivers immediate mobile access to all the latest school content, including live scoring and audio/video streaming. In addition to the smartphone applications, the Official Athletics apps are also available on iPad! Featuring all the great functionality of the smartphone applications, the iPad apps utilize the expanded real estate of the tablet platform to provide the definitive, mobile college athletics experience.


  • News updates from all official school sports
  • Live game scoring and stats
  • Live and On-demand Audio & Video
  • Schedules, scores & photo galleries
  • In-app alert system
  • Twitter integration and sharing via email and social media

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