Digital Media Services

Department Overview

The Digital Media Services staff consists of four Senior Managers, four Managers, four Lead Content Producers, seven Associate Content Producers and a Director. Each Manager oversees a set of partners grouped by conference and/or region. Each Senior Manager is paired with a Manager and between the two, they share a team consisting of a Lead Content Producer and a few Associate Content Producers. While the Content Producers will work across the network - providing us great flexibility - their primary responsibility and focus lies with two specific groups. This group focus promotes familiarity, and therefore, the greatest accuracy and efficiency possible.

Senior Managers and Managers
The Senior Managers and Managers are the primary DMS contact for all of our partners, namely the Sports Information staff. In this role, the Senior Managers and Managers:
  1. Assist in the overall maintenance and development of the Official Athletic Site (OAS) by a) utilizing their training (coding, graphical creation, web publishing, etc.) and collegiate athletic experience (where applicable); b) recognizing and understanding the goals of each individual partner; and c) understanding who the site users are, namely alumni/fans, media and prospective-student athletes.
  2. Manages his/her staff to ensure that all requests are handled in a timely fashion, all OAS guidelines are adhered to and all information is presented appropriately.
  3. Utilizes all internal resources available to each partner, primarily those of our technical and web production departments, to further enhance support and result.
  4. Maintains knowledge of all existing tools and resources that are available to each partner, and stays on top of all new and pending tools and resources to ensure that each partner is fully equipped and/or knowledgeable of all that is available to them in order to understand their capabilities to effectively establish and realize their online goals.

Lead Content Producers and Associate Content Producers
The responsibility of the Lead Content Producers and Associate Content Producers is assist each partner with all online initiatives. The primary initiative is ensuring that the site information is current, accurate, readily accessible and presented appropriately. Going beyond the routine maintenance and updating of day-to-day content, they also:
  1. Cover, where requested, each school's football, men's basketball and women's basketball (AP Top 25) game, using available AP content (game stories, statistics and photos).
  2. Create content pages/sections for extended coverage/publicity of special events/news, whether it be department-wide or sport/coach/student-athlete-specific.
  3. Create content pages/sections beyond the scope of sports information as part of the effort to develop an OAS that encompasses all aspects of an athletic department.

At the core, the DMS staff is a service-oriented entity, but the relationship between the DMS staff and our partners is viewed as just that - a partnership. In this partnership, each party works together to produce the best results possible. Our staff encourages each partner to handle as much of the basic day-to-day upkeep (posting of releases, updating of statistics, etc.) as possible, thus allowing our staff more time to work on the higher-end projects that our partners may not have the time or skill-set to produce. By encouraging our partners to handle this content, we assume the responsibility of providing the means to do such tasks in a timely and effective fashion.

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